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Facebook Advertising Services: 

Ads Ecosys offers Facebook ads and marketing services for eCommerce businesses. We help you grow your line of products and increase the volume of sales with powerful ads that will work with your budget.


Globally, the average Facebook user has reportedly clicked 12-15 Facebook ads in the last 30 days.


6% of marketers stated that they use Facebook video ads.

Facebook advertising campaigns reach 1.95 billion out of the platform’s 2.5 billion monthly active users.


The Facebook algorithm gets smarter every day, but so do the users. If your ad is top quality it’s likely to draw conversions even if you don’t go all out. Similarly, you can splash the cash and not see any results.


That’s why you need to play your cards right and play the long game. That’s when Facebook becomes worth it.

Facebook Ad Formats You Should Use For Ecommerce

Dynamic ads

Dynamic ads are targeted at potential shoppers explicitly based on their behavior history on your eCommerce store. Our expert team’s trick to turning this eCommerce Facebook campaign into a money-maker (i.e. generating cost-effective conversions) lies in optimization.

Video ads

Video ads are still the most impactful medium up the sleeve of eCommerce brands.

According to Optinmonster.com, video ads drive the biggest percentage of qualified leads. Furthermore, over 89% of marketers say they’re satisfied with the return of investment they get from video ads.

Carousel Ads

Ultimately, carousel ads enable you to showcase up to eight products for the price of one. However, your products need to be visually appealing and grab your potential shoppers’ attention quickly.

Facebook Lead Ads

If you want to use Facebook to grow your eCommerce mailing list, test a new product, download a manual or guide, sign up for a subscription service, or run a contest, then our expert team will help you to set up Facebook Lead Ads

How do we will run E-commerce Facebook Ads that Convert

  1. Use Custom Audiences:

Facebook allows you to create custom audiences, It’s an incredibly useful tool that’s proven to deliver results. 

Custom audiences are so crucial to use in Facebook ads. We can utilize them to ensure you are reaching the right users with the right message at the time 🕐

  1. Install Conversion Tracking Pixel:

A conversion-tracking pixel is a small snippet of code that tracks your customers’ behaviour on the site. We will install it on your website.

In addition to tracking customer behavior and conversions, Facebook can use the data from conversion pixels to optimize your campaigns and to build a lookalike audience to target your ads.


  1. Use Lookalike Audience:

Lookalike Audiences are lists of people to target with advertising who are similar to (or ‘look like’👯‍♀️) the people currently engaging with your business. Our expert team will create a lookalike audience campaign through conversion pixel data.

  1. Create creative Ad Copy:

Creatives Ad Copy are even more important. It’s like people eat with their eyes, well shop with their eyes? 👀 You get the gist.

Our ad copywriter will write a short, snappy copy, and don’t be afraid to use appropriate emotions when possible. Also, a clear CTA will get customers to do an intended action.

  1. Conclusion:

So, that’s it, here are some of the strategies we use to help eCommerce increase traffic and conversions through Facebook ads campaigns.

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