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API for eCommerce tracking

Your Audiences are valueless until you track them

Why do you need E-commerce Tracking:

There’s no doubt we live in a data-driven world, and it won’t change. No business can really survive without accurate data to build strategies, track progress and drive success.

Enhanced e-commerce tracking is a must for every e-commerce store. It makes it possible to track every action a customer takes on your store, from Product view to Purchase transaction. Without it, you can’t measure your audience’s behavior.

How we well Set up Facebook CAPI for your eCommerce store:

We will be setting up google analytics for your enhanced e-commerce tracking. This will include:
Page view & click
With page views, you can see unique pageviews, average time on page, entrances, bounce rate, and much more. This is one of the most important, or at least most commonly reported on, metrics in Google Analytics. So, it must be needed for your e-commerce business, so that you can track your visitor and retarget them.

Add to cart
The add-to-cart event is used for tracking each item that is added to the shopping cart. Add-to-cart events are tracked by the conversion tracking pixel on your website. We will set up Add to cart events through FB pixel. So that you can track your every cart data. And use this data in the future to retarget them to offer your products again. 

The addition of customer payment information during a checkout process. For example, a person clicks on a button to save their billing information. That’s how you can know, your customers purchasing capability. And further you can target them to based on their capability to reach with your new products.

The completion of a purchase is usually signified by receiving an order or purchase confirmation, or a transaction receipt. For example, landing on a Thank You or confirmation page. They are your loyal customers, so when you always come with your new products and offer them, there are mostly chance to get sell to them.

Final Words:
So, remember one thing- “Your Audiences are valueless until you track them”. So it’s very much important as an e-commerce business owner to set up e-commerce tracking on your site.
So that you can track every single customer and reach out to them with your new offers, to increase your sales to the next level. Our Conversion Tracking team will help you most in this case. So that’s all today. 


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