Instagram ads for eCommerce business

How do Instagram Ads help to Drive eCommerce Sales?

Let’s talk about some interesting facts so that you can understand why Instagram ads is a really game-changing for an eCommerce business-

1. 2 million advertisers choose to advertise on the platform every month.

2. The Instagram global gender breakdown is nearly equal with 52% of users being female and 48% male.

3. 200 million users visit at least 1 business profile a day.

4. Hundreds of thousands of eCommerce businesses grew from zero to hero due to Instagram marketing.

5. Moreover, 78% of Instagram users are aged between 18 and 49 years which means running Instagram ads allows you to reach a wider audience of the most paying internet users.

Now, talk about, how we use killer methods to grow your eCommerce through Instagram ads. Let’s dive in:

The Instagram business account offers 6 main types of ads on its platform:

  1. Stories ads
  2. Photo ads
  3. Video ads
  4. Carousel ads
  5. Instant Experiences
  6. Collection ads

How we will create an effective Instagram ad set up for your business:

  1. Build an Audience by Selling your Brand

First of all, we will create an Awareness and Consideration ad campaign to reach a wider audience With Instagram ads, not only your followers can see your content, but also new followers who don’t know about your brand.

  1. Drive your Current Audience to Purchase:

Then we will target your current customers and potential buyers (i.e. people who are aware of your brand or are current users of products similar to the ones you sell), the chances of actually making a sale is much higher. In this case, your ads should work harder on pushing your products.

  1. Build from Existing Content: 

Your content is the most important part to convert your audiences into customers. So, our creative content creator will help you in this matter to create creative, eye-catchy, trendy content. 


  1. Create a Types of Instagram ads:

According to product demand and target, we will create different types of Instagram ads. Like: Dynamics ads, Carousel ads, Video ads, Stories ads, Collection ads, etc. 


  1. Post at Optimal Hours:

Final Words:

So, that’s it, here are some of the strategies we use to help eCommerce increase traffic and conversions.

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