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About The Client’s Business:

Handyman Mankato is a trusted and neighborly maintenance service providing company in Mankato, MN, USA. They are offering Plumbing, Roofing, Heating & Air conditioning, and Home remodeling services in Mankato, MN, and surrounding areas.

The Problem:

When Handyman Mankato – “Steve Austin” came to “Ads Ecosys” they didn’t have much of a strong internet presence.

Their previous Digital Marketing agency used old tactics like using thin audiences target as well as non-campaign budget optimization and cheap Ad copy methods which are not recommended. 

So, Handyman Mankato- Steve’s want to increase their social presence, community engagement and increase their sales. 


Our Strategy: 

Boost online presence to help raise awareness for the handyman, we create a 3steps of Ad funneling method.  First of all, increase awareness for the Handyman Mankato, we target geo-audiences through FB ads, IG ads to reach people who don’t know about the business.

 First of all, we audit Handyman Mankato’s business like- FB page, Insta Id, website, etc to check current condition. After then, we researched the targeted audience and competitors.

Step 2– Then, we Create an “Awareness” or “Reach” Campaign to make the audience know about the brand. We target geo-audiences through FB ads, IG ads to reach people who don’t know about the business.

Note: To increase awareness for any business, it’s important to reach people who don’t already know about your business.

Step 3– We created consideration ads campaign. When the Interested customer sees your ads they will get the primary information of these products and when they click on the ads, they will be redirected to your website. 

Step 4. In this stage, now we can create a custom lookalike audience to run ads that reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they share similar characteristics to your existing customers.

#End of the whole process what do you get actually?

Eventually, we get handyman branding and a permanent loyal customer base. We can assure you that in the future, Handyman Mankato Doesn’t need to run the ad for your loyal customers except for new customers.

Social Media Results

Between the period of August 1, 2016, to December 31, 2016, we generated:

Facebook Fans: 49,377

Per Facebook Fan: $0.19

New Instagram Followers: 2,826

Video Views: 205,584

Per View: $.001

People Engaged: 303,378

Per Engagement: $0.01

Leads: 1,718

Per Lead: $2

Extremely good, right?
As you can see again, Steve was able to reach his fans for under $1.
In fact, under $.25 cents!


Social media management is a long-term business decision (6-12 months). The core benefit of social media management is building up awareness and engagement. Which ultimately builds strong relationships with fans which influence their buying decisions.

Of course, we recommend hiring us if you want to use an experienced team with a proven.

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