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About The Client’s Business:

Blackwidow Store is a startup eCommerce company that offers high-quality fashion products. Their products are mainly used for casual or any ceremony. These cloths, bags, ornaments give an extra outfit look for all age of people. They now have stores located in Palo Alto, USA. 

The Problem:

Blackwidow Store- Stephen came to us in 2020 because they said they were interested in digital marketing solutions. They wanted more people to learn about what their product is and eventually be enticed to purchase it. 


Our Strategy:

Brand Awareness Creation:  At first, we audit Blackwindow Store’s business like- FB page, Insta Id, website, etc to check current condition. After then, we researched the targeted audience and competitors. Then, we Create an “Awareness” or “Reach” Campaign to make the audience know about the brand. 

Note: To increase awareness for any business, it’s important to reach people who don’t already know about your business.

Remarketing: They reached back to people who had interacted with the brand but did not purchase — a key strategy for subscription box services. With the help of “Ads Ecosys” Facebook experts, they built large custom audiences to target people that engaged with their ads and/or page posts, visited their site, and watched their videos – either ads or organic. 

Audience Split Testing: Using “Ads Ecosys’s” audience split testing options,  “Blackwindow store” experimented on interests, lookalike audiences, and combinations. They combined a 10% lookalike audience with interests and a 6-month commitment offer, resulting in the best ROI they had ever recorded for any Facebook Ads campaign. 

Split testing insights allowed the “Blackwindow store” not only to keep up with sales 

but also to plan ahead: by using “Ads Ecosys’s” clear analytics, they were able to line up their monthly photoshoots and videos for each new box. This was important as it helped their creative direction as well as lowered their CPA.

Here are the results:

Period: of October 1, 2016 – November 1, 2016 (30 days)

Reach: 63,884

Clicks: 2,745

Cost Per Click: $.19

Click-Through Rate: 2.32%

# of Purchases/Sales: 152

Cost Per Purchase/Sale: $3.42

Purchase Conversion Value: $1,557.50 (This is the revenue generated strictly from our ad campaign)

Through Facebook’s pixel, we were able to successfully track everything that truly matters. From the cost per sale to the total revenue.



Although “Blackwindow store” is a startup company, we believed that what they offer was unique enough for people to be interested in. We knew that it only needed an effective marketing plan to increase awareness and sales.
So what we did was to use social media to target the right audience and showcase what “Blackwindow store” products can do. When we reached them, we made sure to include engaging content and CTAs to convert these users.
And it was successful. Within only one month of running social media ads, we were able to generate 152 purchases for Easy Diya, which translates to a 714% increase in sales!

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